Visual Goal-Setting with Sway

Hey friends and happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I always approach the new year with a lot of excitement and a little bit of dread. Why dread, you might ask? Well, it’s because every year I make these little things called goals, and I seem to have a very hard time keeping them. As a matter of fact, I’ve written about that a lot on my other blog. Well, enthusiastic person that I am, I always think that maybe I can do better if I come up with another strategy. So that’s what today’s post is about.

If you missed my Facebook live last night, or if you saw it and need a reminder, I want to walk you through what I feel will be a more successful goal-setting strategy for this year. Successful for two reasons: Because this strategy is more visual and also because I have a habit tracker embedded right in alongside my goals. What do you think?
If you’re with me, let’s walk through quickly how you can do the same. First of all, you’re going to go to Sway is a free Microsoft tool, so even if you’re living in the land of Google (or your school district is), you and your students can still use this tool. As a matter of fact, what were about to walk through would be a great first-day-back-my brain-is-dead  student activity that wouldn’t require a lot of thought on your part. So once you’re in Sway, you’re going to click to create a new sway. It’s really easy from there. There are two tabs, one that says design and one that’s a storyline. Think of storyline as the same thing as storyboard. It’s your planning side. Design will let you preview what you’ve done at anytime. FYI, I try to resist clicking design as long as possible to prolong my excitement. Yes, I’m a weirdo in case you didn’t know that 🙂 Anyway, sway is made up of cards, which are the individual widgets or units of different types of content you can add. You’re automatically starting with a title, so feel free to be creative. After all, that just might increase your motivation 🙂
For a live walkthrough of all the rest of the steps, won’t you click through to my video below? I’m here to help if you need anything, but what I would really like it if you come back and paste the link to your goals Sway in the comments below. I want to brag on you, be proud of you, and nudge you on if you need it. Trust me, this process will only take you maybe half an hour and you will feel really accomplished.
Something else I mentioned in my video is using the embedded habit tracker. I will be focusing Tech Tuesday #2 on creating one of those, step-by-step! The biggest, coolest thing about Sway is the fact that you can embed it and that you also can use embeddable content inside it, so I don’t want you to miss out on that feature.
Again, come back and share when you’re done; I want to brag on you. Happy New Year and all my best. Look for a another post coming next Tuesday, which I’m affectionately renaming Tech Tuesday.
With Tech and Twang,
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